Cook County Defense Attorneys Fighting Firearm Charges Throughout Chicagoland

While the nation's gun laws — and especially those in places like Chicago — continue to make headlines and be the subject of political debate, one thing is for certain: Prosecutors will seize nearly every opportunity to throw the book at someone charged with a firearm-related offense.

Taking on a prosecutor bent on winning a conviction takes a lawyer who knows how prosecutors — and judges — think. It takes a lawyer who can use this experience to build an effective strategy even in the face of serious criminal charges.

Our founding attorney, Colleen McSweeney Moore, spent years as a prosecutor and circuit court judge in Cook County, seeing literally thousands of cases from the eyes of the prosecution and judge's chair. This experience and her passion for helping people give our clients the quality representation they need when facing gun charges and other serious criminal consequences in Illinois.

You Come With Questions. We'll Come With A Plan.

Sometimes gun charges arise by themselves. In many other cases, however, they come about in relation to other allegations of violent crime offenses. These can range from a simple traffic stop to drunk driving charges to a home search following an arrest on suspicion of drug possession or distribution.

Many of these cases are prosecuted as felonies, meaning that lengthy prison sentences are almost always on the table. No less serious is the effect that a criminal conviction can have on many other aspects of a person's life, including:

  • Employment opportunities
  • Housing options
  • Custody of children

Our attorneys take an offensive approach to criminal defense. With significant trial experience, they undertake careful preparation of every case and are undeterred by those that are best resolved at trial. We know that there is no such thing as a low-stakes firearm case, and our goal in every case is to help our clients avoid the serious and devastating consequences of being convicted.

Take the next step to fight illegal firearm possession or the other criminal charges you face. Email our Palos Heights-area office or call 708-568-0474 now to arrange a private consultation with an experienced gun crime defense lawyer.

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