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Being accused of domestic violence can feel like a double whammy. On one end, you're up against the criminal justice system and facing jail time, fines and the ripple effect of a criminal conviction, which can follow you for years down the road.

On the other end, domestic violence allegations can devastate your family life. You may be forced to vacate your house, surrender custody of your children, and pay support to your spouse or partner. This can add up to feeling like you're up against more than you can handle.

We're here to give you a chance in the legal system. Our attorneys have dedicated their practice to helping people throughout Cook County and the collar counties who face charges of violent crimes in Illinois court. We know that beyond the consequences of a criminal conviction, many people are simply overwhelmed by a legal system that only seems out to get them. With decades of experience and a passion for getting results, our attorneys can give you hope in the face of criminal charges.

From Experience And Instincts, We Get Results

Careful and thorough review of the facts and circumstances plays a vital role in any domestic violence case. Because all cases somehow involve someone else accusing a client of some form of abuse, it is necessary to have a complete understanding of how an accuser's story stacks up against the facts.

We are unrelenting in finding the holes in the government's version of events and using them to leverage successful outcomes for our clients. No matter the strength of the other side's case, however, we deliver strategies to help our clients make the most out of what can often seem like a hopeless situation.

Don't leave your case up to the prosecution; get an experienced lawyer on your side to challenge it at every corner. Call our Palos Heights-area office at 708-568-0474 or send an email now to schedule a confidential consultation.

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