The Skill To Take On Assault And Battery Charges

Violent crimes are some of the most aggressively prosecuted crimes in the Illinois criminal justice system. Not all charges, however, arise out of a physical violent act. Assault charges can arise when an individual simply believes he or she is under the threat of physical harm.

What does this mean for the accused? You may have simply thought that you were in a heated argument with a friend, neighbor or stranger. That person took things differently and decided to take legal action against you.

A Strong Defense Lawyer For Violent Crime Charges

At McSweeney Moore Law Offices, we aggressively defend individuals who have been charged with violent crimes like assault, battery and aggravated assault. Our decades of experience in criminal law have helped us achieve noteworthy results in a wide range of challenging cases in Cook County and surrounding areas.

You do not have to back down when the evidence seems stacked against you. Let our law firm help. Contact our Bridgeview and Palos Heights-area law firm to arrange a consultation.

What Defense Options Are Available For Me?

The circumstances that surrounded the violent incident are not always black and white. Unfortunately, whoever decided to press charges is often automatically viewed as the victim of a crime, even if the law says you, the accused, are innocent until proven guilty.

We know that many assault and battery cases are more complex than they seem. Did you, the accused, feel you were in danger of harm as well? Was a weapon involved or not? Was the weapon intended to be used or did it just happen to be in your possession at the time? These are examples of important details that need to be brought up as they can dramatically influence your case.

Our Team Can Help

By thoroughly investigating the circumstances surrounding your criminal charge, we can better position you for reduced charges, reduced sentences or case dismissal. We are here to be the strong advocates you need through the defense process. Contact an attorney at our office online or by telephone at 708-568-0474.

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