A Fast And Effective Response Against Sex Crime Allegations

Do not underestimate the consequences of a sex crime conviction. They go beyond penal consequences like jail or prison time.

A criminal charge for rape, predatory sexual assault or possession of illegal pornographic content can affect your life in many ways. Mere allegations of sexual offenses can seriously or permanently damage one's reputation in his or her career field or within the general community. Jail time and a criminal record may sting the worst, but it only takes accusations of a sexual offense to severely tarnish one's image. Our Cook County law firm might be the only thing standing between you and life-changing penalties.

One of the most serious consequences of a sex crime conviction is sex offender registration, which can severely limit where you live and require you to report constantly to law enforcement. What's more, failing to register is itself a criminal offense.

A Legal Team To Aggressively Defend You

You need a lawyer who has experience fighting the government's accusations tooth and nail while working to protect your reputation during this high-stakes time.

At McSweeney Moore Law Offices, we pride ourselves on providing superior legal counsel grounded in experience, and an unwavering commitment to professionalism and discretion. When your freedom and reputation are on the line, you need nothing less.

Our firm handles all misdemeanor and felony sex offense cases brought in state courts in Illinois. These include charges of:

  • Sexual assault (rape)
  • Statutory rape
  • Predatory sexual assault (child molestation and child sexual abuse)
  • Possession and distribution of child pornography
  • Internet sex crimes

We take a multipronged approach to these cases, looking for every hole in the government's case (which can include illegally obtained evidence and other police misconduct) while also working tirelessly to resolve cases as quickly as possible. Whether our ultimate goal is to have charges dropped or to significantly reduce the sentence a client faces, we work exceptionally hard to position our clients for a fair outcome.

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