Don't Underestimate Traffic Tickets. Turn To Our Cook County Attorneys For Help.

A speeding ticket or other moving violation might not seem like a serious matter at first. It's easy to think of them as something that just has to be paid and something that's seldom a big deal.

The problem is that, when not handled correctly and in a timely manner, even relatively minor traffic offenses can become much more serious. And some charges can automatically result in more serious consequences, including license suspension and even jail time.

Don't let a traffic violation haunt you; let our experienced Chicagoland attorneys resolve your case quickly and professionally. Our firm handles criminal defense in Cook County and surrounding areas of Illinois exclusively, and even if your case is straightforward, you will receive attentive, professional service until it is resolved.

Why You Need Our Experienced Attorneys To Handle Your Traffic Offense

Many traffic violations carry the threat of only fines, but the financial penalties for even minor infractions can quickly grow if they're not paid on time. Arrest warrants can even come into play in cases of serious delinquency. Certain charges, especially those involving dangerous speeding, can also carry the threat of jail time from the very start.

You might not think of a traffic violation as something that can lead to a criminal record, but it can happen. For example, with aggravated speeding (going 26 mph over the posted speed limit), you can end up with a conviction on your record if you plead guilty or are found guilty at trial. That's why you need an experienced lawyer to evaluate your options.

Avoiding these more serious consequences is one of the main benefits of having an experienced criminal lawyer handle your case. The other reason is no less valuable: the ability to focus on your life.

Whether you're a white collar professional, a working parent or a busy student, you may simply not have the time to successfully handle your case alone — to say nothing of navigating a confusing and complex traffic court system. When you engage our firm's services, we can assume authority to handle every aspect of your case. This gives you the freedom to live your life while our attorneys take care of helping you move forward from your moving violation.

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