Attacking Your Misdemeanor Charges Head-On

Just because a crime isn't classified as a felony doesn't mean that a conviction can't have serious and far-reaching consequences.

You shouldn't take criminal misdemeanor charges lightly, and neither should your lawyer. Anytime our clients face penalties like fines, jail time and probation, we work vigorously first to challenge the charges in every way possible, then to minimize the impacts that a conviction is likely to have on the long term.

Whether or not this is your first run-in with the law, you may be facing a life-defining moment. We will do everything possible to steer you away from what could be a devastating turn of events and help get you back on track. Call 708-568-0474 now for a consultation.

We Take Your Freedom As Seriously As You Do

The severity of criminal misdemeanor charges can be misleading. The maximum jail time and/or fines you face may not seem serious at first, and the prosecutor handling your case may even make what sounds like an appealing offer for a plea bargain.

It takes a skilled, experienced defense attorney to know when accepting a plea bargain is truly the best course of action — and when it's necessary to fight charges tooth and nail. Pleading guilty to take a plea deal may seem easy, but there can be longer term consequences to having a criminal conviction that you may not consider at first.

We will carefully evaluate every aspect of your case, whether you have been charged with assault, theft, battery, simple drug possession (misdemeanor drug possession would only be cannabis) or another criminal misdemeanor. If it's truly in your best interest to work out a plea deal, we'll work tirelessly to get you one on the very best terms. Otherwise, we'll be ready to use our considerable trial experience to seek a more favorable result in your case.

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