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The most effective criminal defense lawyers are those who have experience handling a wide range of cases. Criminal law runs the gamut, from minor traffic violations to felony DUI cases, petty shoplifting to armed robbery, simple drug possession to violent crimes that carry the potential for life sentences. A lawyer learns how to prepare the most effective defense strategy in a given case only by handling a variety of cases and seeing how various fact patterns and circumstances play out before judges and juries.

At McSweeney Moore Law Offices, our attorneys are committed to giving our clients all possible hope in the criminal justice system. That's why they are proud to take on the full range of misdemeanor and felony cases in Illinois state courts. We understand that our clients are all in unique situations with concerns specific to their cases. While our primary focus is always to achieve the best possible outcome given the particular circumstances of a case, we also take considerable pride in being a sympathetic guide for every client we represent — whether it is their first time facing criminal charges or they need extensive legal counsel to fight repeat charges.

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It's impossible to overstate the importance of thoroughly preparing a case to go before a judge or jury. Sometimes, the smallest facts or pieces of evidence make the difference between acquittal and conviction and only through exhaustive case preparation can a lawyer ensure the strongest possible defense.

Our attorneys are relentless in the preparation of every one of our clients' cases. This includes filing every appropriate motion in a timely manner, ensuring that witnesses are well-prepared to testify and preparing exhibits to aid the fact-finder in evaluating the evidence at hand. Unlike many firms, moreover, our attorneys are experienced trial lawyers who do not shy away from a case simply because a trial is likely or even a possibility.

These core skills play a vital role in all cases that our firm routinely handles, which include:

  • Crimes against property
  • Criminal misdemeanors
  • Traffic violations
  • Violations of parole and probation
  • Expungements and sealings

Additionally, our firm is prepared to defend clients facing charges centered on DUI, drug crimes, sex crimes or violent crimes. If you or a loved one is facing serious criminal charges, we encourage you to schedule a consultation at our Bridgeview office. We can be reached by calling 708-568-0474 or by sending an email.

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