Strength In Cook County DUI Cases

Whether this is your first or fourth DUI arrest, drunk driving penalties can be severe and include jail time and crushing fines. You might think that it's all downhill from here, but there are defense options available.

Your success will depend largely on the lawyer you hire to handle your case. Our firm has the experience and record of results you need to find a way forward when you're facing the criminal justice system.

Getting an experienced legal team on your side means having an advocate who can look for any way to soften the blow of a DUI arrest in Illinois. It also means having a legal guide who can lessen the practical consequences that DUI charges can have on your ability to live your life.

Contact us at McSweeney Moore Law Offices for a consultation. Our office is easily accessible in Palos Heights and Bridgeview, and we handle cases throughout Chicagoland and Illinois.

Fight A Criminal Conviction And License Suspension/Revocation

Jail time and fines are serious, but so is the inability to drive for months or even years. We represent our clients in administrative as well as criminal proceedings and do everything possible to expedite getting their driving privileges back following a DUI arrest.

  • Your criminal case: In Illinois, third and subsequent DUIs are treated as felonies, meaning that the jail sentences and fines can be even more serious. Our attorneys handle all aspects of DUI criminal cases, including challenging police evidence and negotiating with prosecutors for favorable outcomes.
  • Your administrative case: Another but no less important side of any DUI case is the administrative penalty, especially a suspended license. If you do not act quickly following an arrest or citation, you may face automatic license suspension, whether or not you have been convicted of DUI.

Whether in Markham or other communities throughout Cook County, do not wait to call us at 708-568-0474 or send an email now to schedule a consultation with our experienced DUI attorneys. We're ready to help.

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